Specialty Materials Technology

Innovation and growth specialists

We are comfortable with a wide variety of specialty materials, markets and applications. This includes all types of raw materials, resins, performance additives specialty chemicals and nanoparticles. Typical compounded products include engineered polymers, composities, electrochemical compounds, specialty chemicals, adhesives, coatings and encapsulants. Our applications expertise includes semiconductors, electronics, LEDs, thermal materials, automotive, and various industrial applications. We also have a keen interest in nanotechnology, medical, biotechnology, aerospace, alternative energy, and clean technologies such as advanced batteries, supercapacitors, solar energy and wind power.

We find that most of our work processes and basic principals apply to a wide range of materials and applications. Project definition, technology roadmaps, raw material and process control, alpha and beta testing are crucial to every project. Improper resource allocation is another common stumbling block. We can help diagnose and get your programs back on track. In some cases, we may suggest cutting your losses and killing a program.

Carefully selected and managed lead user programs are powerful tools which employ VOC to engage thought leaders in project definition and beta testing. It's a great way to harness user centered innovation.

Product life cycles are shrinking and global competition is intensifying. A stalled program can quickly become a dead program.

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