Specialty Materials Business Development

Innovation and growth specialists

We have extensive experience driving profitable internal growth through new products and new applications. Insufficient focus, organizational structure, and lack of continuity often impair organic growth. When resources are tight, the longer term growth initiatives are typically neglected.

Perhaps your product managers are also responsible for driving growth intiatives, but need some help? 

Transitions and open positions also may cause critical gaps and missed opportunities for key programs, after years of laying groundwork. We can provide the extra focus and manpower to gain "critical mass" and succeeed. Perhaps you need help with one or more of the following?

-Market analysis and opportunity identification
-Strategy & value proposition development
-Technology roadmapping
-Project portfolio assessment
-User-centered innovation
-Go to market plans and product launch
-Technical publications
-Training and mentoring innovation teams

Of course, a strategy is worthless without salable products. Forget about "shotgun marketing" of unproven products. Proper project definition, alpha and beta testing are critical to success. We can help with strategy development and implementation, as well as product development and technology management. Let us help pull it all together with a well designed lead user program to demonstrate fitness for use before launch.

Product life cycles are shrinking and global competition is intensifying.  A stalled program can quickly become a dead program.

Don't delay. Contact us today to keep your programs moving.