Art Burkhart


Our team is led by Art Burkhart, a successful high tech "intrapreneur" and business development leader for Fortune 500 and global speciality materials producers, such as Henkel and Dexter Corporation. For nearly 25years, he has held progressive responsibilities in technical sales, business development, strategic marketing, technology management and global product line management. Art has extensive experience leading crossfunctional teams and collaboration with industry thought leaders to develop breakthrough products.

“Art has always impressed me with his ability to unravel complex webs of opportunities and identify the one that will bring success. He has a keen sense for emerging technology, a very strong foundation in customer focused marketing and an entrepreneurial type management style.

Combining these traits with his incessant positive attitude and his friendly disposition makes him a great colleague to work with and a valuable asset to any organization.

Art’s unique skill set can add value at any point along the life cycle of an enterprise: whether envisioning the start-up, struggling through a merger, or launching its next blockbuster product.”

Jim Huneke
Director, Research, Development & Engineering, Henkel 


“Art is a forward thinking market driver for new technology. He is able to quickly understand the key elements of a new technology and focus on a plan to market that works.

He is able to focus an R&D team on profit growing activities and then is able to link with key decision makers at the target customers to move the technology forward in a profitable way. Art will be an excellent addition to any strategic team that is looking to match their technology with a fast growing market.”

Lisa Ryan
Director of Marketing, Dexter Electronic Materials


"Art is an innovative marketing professional with high integrity, a leader, and a pleasure to work with. I have a high regard for Art's abilities as well as his ability to motivate associates and bring in new business."

Rick Weaver
Global Technical Service Manager, Henkel


“I've known Art Burkhart for over 12 years, starting at Dexter Electronic Materials. He was one of the few truly strategic marketers I've ever known, who really saw a future and urged us along a course to make it happen. I found his contributions very valuable.”

George Carson
Technical Director, Applications Engineering, Henkel


"Art's ability to quickly digest new technologies and fully understand the implications of these potential developments, coupled with his analytical thinking skills makes Art the perfect manager for leading edge high technology teams.”

Doug Dixon
Global Product Manager, Henkel and Dexter

"He is very passionate about identifying trends and growth opportunities and then developing programs to harness identified opportunities. In order to successfully execute his growth program, he utilizes all of the best tool available at his disposal. He is not afraid of thinking outside the box."

Bhavesh Muni
Global Marketing Manager (Thermal Mgmt. Materials), Henkel


"Art has that rare ability to combine his background and practical experience in Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Product Development for the benefit of whatever organization he is working in.
He is an excellent communicator and works well in a team environment or as an individual contributor. He also has a high level of enthusiasm which is contagious to those working around him. Art is an asset to any organization."

George Colin
Senior VP, Dexter Electronic Materials and Henkel Electronics


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