About Us

Innovation and growth specialists

iStock_000006135383XSmall.jpgWe provide business development, technology, and marketing services to support your innovation and growth intiatives. Leverage our success developing new product lines, markets and applications for Fortune 500 and global makers of specialty polymers, chemicals, and adhesives used in a broad range of semiconductor, electronics, and other applications. We have also provided marketing services to a wide variety of small to mid-size businesses, including electronics, medical devices, biotech, medical practices and technology startups.

Our team is led by Art Burkhart, an award-winning intrapreneur with a proven track record creating and implementing global strategies for engineered materials.  Art is more than a strategy consultant. He has developed and implemented long term growth strategies and knows many of the common pitfalls from hands-on experience. His skills were honed by personally leading small crossfunctional teams within large global organizations to identify key opportunities, develop business cases, create strategies, partner with thought leaders, drive innovation and launch winning new products.

As product champion, Art has built and launched multi-million dollar global product lines for new markets, applications, and technologies. He earned recognition as an Industry leading technologist, winning market acceptance and industry innovation awards, with over 30 technical publications for semiconductors, electronics and other advanced applications. He has directly and indirectly managed technical teams and led assessment of R&D programs using the Stage-Gate process.

A visionary business strategist, he can help you identify key trends, opportunities, and unmet needs early enough to carve out a lasting competitive advantage. Under his leadership, we can help develop product roadmaps, value propositions, product positioning, and business cases to win internal support.

Is one of your growth intiatives falling short? Perhaps it's time for outside help. Your problems may be quite challenging, but they likely are not unique. We may have seen it before. Often it takes a special perspective and skill set to properly diagnose and remove obstacles to success for growth intiatives. We can provide you with key unbiased input on the technology, applications, market conditions and competitive landscape.

Contact us today and discuss options to get your strategic project back on track.